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Welcome to our new home on the Net!

We want to let you know how much we appreciate our customers, both old and new.


We are prepared to meet the special needs of the harsh environment that our specialized components are used in. We can help you by supplying custom designed parts to your specifications.

Please contact us for information and to request a quote.



Phone: (281) 997-6260

Fax: (281) 997-6311

email: sales@electralot.com







We have the capability to make custom electrical and mechanical components from virgin exotic metals and special shapes to help reduce corrosion and vibration failure in the harsh environment of the oil industry.







We are very proud of the fact that our parts are manufactured in Houston Texas from virgin raw materials. This allows us to have turn around times as low as 7 (seven) days on parts not in stock. Houston's central USA location also allows for fast shipping to anywhere in the world, no matter how small or large the order may be.


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